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   Data Protection Policy    


Data Protection Policy 



updated 17.10.2022


BoardWalkers is a sole trading business Founder and Owned by Michelle Walker RVN. 

I am committed to protecting your privacy and am explaining how and why it is collected and how it is stored. 


Who am I ?


BoardWalkers is a Dog Home Boarding and Dog Walking business which also extends to home visits, small animal visits and home sitting to regular clients if possible. 

Run by a professional Veterinary Nurse, Licensed by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and Fully Insured. 


Personal information is required to allow me to run my business safely and to the highest ability. Personal details / forms  are required by BoardWalkers under Basingstoke and Deane Licensing Rules for boarding and to maintain a high standard of knowledge for your pets needs, address and requirements. 

 Sub contractors are also used to full-fill some of our business. Sub Contractors work under strict BoardWalkers confidential rules. Only the necessary information is shared. 


How do I collect your information?


When you enquire via my website / telephone call verbal , message via FaceBook or text…. details are offered by your self initially such as name, area of living, telephone and/ or email address. These are recorded to enable me to contact you. 


When you decide to use BoardWalkers… you are required to complete documents that hold personal information. This document offers permission and enter in to a contract with BoardWalkers.


What information is collected from you by BoardWalkers ? 


Personal information I collect from you are as follows:




Telephone numbers eg mobile, home and work where applicable. 

Email address

Alarm codes for property if required.

Emergency contact names and their numbers.

Keys to address of clients where required. These are NOT labelled with the address just an animal name.

NO Bank Details of clients are required unless a refund is given.


Details of the animal requiring attention is also kept on file. Including the veterinary surgery they attend. 



I do NOT store any banking information about you. The only time I would require your banking information is if a refund was required. This information would be used to send monies then the information is destroyed or removed from my messenger.


Payment are made via Bank Transfer with you using my information provided on an invoice to make payment direct into my account named. Payment by cash is made directly to me or to the subcontractor who then passes it to me. 


When you use social media eg FaceBook, Wattsapp … to interact with me and my team ..I may receive information about you when you choose to post or otherwise share information about yourself. This can be adjusted and controlled by you in your settings. Adjust our privacy setting on your social media account. 

Facebook - clients have given permission for use of pictures of their animals to be shown / displayed on BoardWalkers face book page.  These are accessible to be shared. 

Pictures taken within or around your home is removed of surrounding evidence as much as possible to reduce identification of owner and location. NO CLIENT INFORMATION IS STORED HERE . 

 FaceBook will have their own privacy policy and you are bound by that policy when using their site. 


BoardWalkers website : uses a host - potential customers can complete a contact form which provides an email to BoardWalkers on contact if sent. will have their own privacy policy and you are bound by that policy when using the website. 



What do I do with this information and is it secure ? 


I am required by my license regulation with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to hold your information securely for 2 years after you cease your contract with BoardWalkers.


Your files are held in a locked filing cabinet. Some of the details eg name , address , email and mobile have been transferred to my mobile for easy access via myself in my contacts list to enable contact.

 My phone is locked by a pin and finer print.

Computer systems - require a log in code before access is available. 

SubContractors are given access to these details whilst they work with your pet. 

Contact via wattsapp is also to be a form of communication as a group chat where I can maintain contact whilst sub contractors work with your pet. Mobile numbers fully available again to all who are assigned to this chat. 


Who has access to your information? 


Yes your Data is held within an invoicing program ‘QuickBooks’ which is used to send invoices, receipts .Quickbooks have their own policy for GDPR which can be refereed to at 

 Quick Books  

Langdowns DFK Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors, - for the purpose of my accountants yearly. They are supplied with invoice2go information. 

Basingstoke And Deane Borough Council - Home Boarding licensing establishments for dogs.


Sub-Contractors are: 


Ryan Blunden Parson - Brambles sub contractor 

Martine Baker - Martines Boarding - Sub Contractor  

Charlotte Traynor - Wiggly Walkies - Sub Contractor 

Dionne Stocking - Assist -u - Sub contractor boarder


I will NOT share your information with those outside of this list or for marketing purposes. 


How can you access your and update your information?


Ensuring your information is kept up to date is VERY important. This includes your personal information and those of your pet such as Vaccination records, worming, flea treatment, microchipping information etc.  YOU NEED to update me on changes.


Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you have the right to access any information I hold about you. Please contact me if you wish to receive information on the data held. 

Right of access requests must be in writing. 


1 month is acceptable for a response on a request for access. 


I need you to inform me you are happy to continue with the policy above. If you wish to opt out then BoardWalkers will be required to cease care of your pet due to my licensing regulations. 

All Paper is completed by the client on signing up with BoardWalkers services. Client has provided their information willingly.

Over the phone conversations ..potential clients are made aware that notes are to be taken for reference and numbers stored on the mobile contacts  should future contact be required. 


Purpose of the policy?


To comply with the law

follow good practice

protecting, clients, BoardWalkers and other individuals


BoardWalkers aims to maintain high standards throughout to 


  • comply with both the law and good practice

  • respect individuals’ rights

  • be open and honest with individuals whose data is held

  • provide training and support for staff  (in our case sub contractors) who handle personal data, so that they can act confidently and consistently

  • I am NOT required to inform Information Commissioner voluntarily, as of 25.05.2018.. my business only processes your information for the sole purpose of my core business.

  • Sub Contractors to BoardWalkers will be aware that unless you have given permission they will not be able to contact you on a personal basis outside of BoardWalkers Wattsapp personal 1:1 Client information chats which your telephone number is visible to anyone on the chat list. 



This policy will be reviewed Jan - Jan as per boarding license renewal or unless a change in client to BoardWalker contract occurs.  

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