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H O M E   B O A R D I N G 

Dogs   *  Small Furries   *  7 Days a week    *   throughout the year 

Your dog comes and stays with the Board Walkers founder and her family both 2 and 4 legged including the resident Feline


D O G  W A L K I N G

 Private exercise field play   *   Woodland / Parkland   *   30min and 1 hour Options  *  7Days a week

Groups kept to a maximum of 6 Dogs at any one time, Walks are in local woodland and parks offering all the dogs enviromental enrichment via stimulation of their senses and visual surroundings.

H O M E   V I S I T S

Cat   * Dog   *  Ferrets and other Small Furries   *  30min visits   *    7Days a week    *   out of hours optional

30 minute visits, Feeding, Water Changes, Litter Tray & Cage Cleaning, Let in & Let out

Cat behaviour advice and assistance.


V E T E R I N A R Y   V I S I T S

Nail Clips   *   Medication Application   *   Advice - Visits or Phone *   7Days a week

Carried out by Registered Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Basics from Nail Clips, Wound Advice, Flea Treatment /Application, Dressing Changes,

Health Checks, Stitch removal, & lots more


NB: Certain services ONLY with prior consent from your Vet!

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